About Shree Amritsar Sword

About Shree Amritsar Sword

About 10 years ago Shree Amritsar Sword was started with a vision of providing the finest and various forms of art of the Indian Swords under one roof. I still remember how Shree Amritsar Sword came into existence, it was a rough ride. We had very limited resources, there were very few hand tools in the name of machinery. The only thing which was there in enormous volume was the passion for making swords. When I started Shree Amritsar Sword I never thought it will earn so much love and support.

Today Shree Amritsar Sword is one of the leading stores of swords in India. The archive offers top-notch Indian Swords. As swords are considered as a sign of high self-esteem, wealth, and power in India, each of our swords is carefully and elegantly handmade with traditional skills by a team of dedicated artists and craftsmen. Who are richly experienced in this field.  At Shree Amritsar Sword we make swords with a vision to create beautiful, superior swords and displaying our Indian art to the world, hence we never compromise with the quality of our product.

Most of the blades of our swords are made of high carbon steel, but we also offer a range in Damascus Steel and Wootz Steel also known as Faulaad as well. We also work for the restoration of antique weapons and swords. The company has designed swords for various royal families of India cause of which our swords and daggers have a royal touch in them.

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